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From formula to pilot trial


The chemical-physical characterisation of finished products is managed by the quality laboratories

Il laboratorio di controllo-qualità di chimica analitica e chimica strumentale attraverso una precisa analisi qualitativa e quantitativa effettua analisi specifiche con risultati precisi in tempi brevi.

Instrumental analyses in HPLC with UV detector, DAD.

Analyses of multi-residual impurities in finished products and raw materials, organic contaminants such as phthalates, pesticides, nitrosamines, substances listed in Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

Control of production batches and intermediates for the Nickel Tested claim

Instrumental analyses in GC-FID, GC-MASSA, ICP-OES, FTIR/UATR, UV-VIS,

Ultra-trace analysis for the Paraben-Free claim

Analyses of inorganic contaminants in finished products and raw materials: toxic metals Hg, Pb, Sb and allergens Ni, Co, Cr

The microbiology laboratory coordinates the safety and efficacy of finished products

In accordance with current legislation and through internal protocols.
Total microbial count + pathogen detection (absence)
Valutazione del potere antimicrobico (Challenge test)
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