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Advanced technologies in the service of health

From design to formula

Il processo di realizzazione del prototipo parte dall’ analisi quali/quantitativa dei singoli componenti fino all’ ottimizzazione della stabilità e alla validazione clinica dell’efficacia.

From formula to pilot trial

The quality control laboratory defines, within the quality system, the conformity of product samples to specifications.

From prototype to industrialisation

Certain of the functionality and safety of the prototype formula, its industrialisation is verified with a planned scale-up.
Production flexibility
Certified quality
Customised solutions

Our experience to create innovazione
With the belief that knowledge is power,
we are committed to excellence.

Research and the study of increasingly innovative active ingredients and formulations ensure the correct balance between efficacy and safety.

Our Production

Amp Biotec with its design and production resources is the ideal partner for your business development.
Gastrointestinal Health
Immunological Disorders
Cardiovascular Health
Reproductive Health
Genetic Disorders
Hereditary Cancer
Stomach or abdominal pain
Gastrointestinal distress
Bloating / Indigestion

Our production process


Formulation study


Chemical, physical and microbiological stability study


Implementation of a pilot batch


Industrialisation of the product

We design customised solutions

Together, we can design customised solutions for development, control and production

Excellence at your service to ensure product conformity to quality requirements

AMP Biotec complements its production capabilities with a range of services for the study and development of new products, also on an exclusive basis.

Research and consultancy activities for third parties offer customised solutions and a comprehensive, cross-sector service from idea development to the finished product.

Instrumental analyses in HPLC with UV detector, DAD.

Instrumental analyses in GC-FID, GC-MASSA, ICP-OES, FTIR/UATR, UV-VIS

Batch and intermediate production control

In vitro efficacy tests on cellular models

Analysis of multi-residual impurities in finished products and raw materials

Analysis of inorganic contaminants in finished products and raw materials

Conformity of products to quality requirements!

25+ Years Of Experience
AMP Biotec
Thanks to its facilities and instrumentation, AMP not only conducts industrial research but also acts as a link between the academic world and other companies by offering a consulting and prototype production service that starts with the identification of ingredients of potential interest, their chemical-physical characterisation and formulation compatibility, and ends with the evaluation of their effects and practical application in finished products, considering technological, regulatory and application aspects.
developed formulations
pieces of daily productivity
1K +
scale up litri

Research and Innovation


Plant-based food bioactives: A boon or bane for neurological disorders

Neurological disorders are the most widespread diseases worldwide and involve progressive dysfunction, loss of neuronal structure and ultimately cell death. Therefore, the focus has been...

A new retroactive peptide antibiotic efficiently released from a hydrogel-based reactive system

Topical antimicrobial treatments are often ineffective on recalcitrant and resistant skin infections. This calls for the design of antimicrobials that are less susceptible to the mechanisms of resiste...

Protective effect of piceatannol and bioactive stilbene derivatives against hypoxia-induced toxicity in H9c2 cardiomyocytes and structural elucidation as 5-LOX inhibitors

Stilbenes with known antioxidant and antiradical properties are useful in various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. The present research was conducted to investigate the potential effect...

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    Case Studies

    L’acqua è un elemento essenziale per la pelle, garantendone l’idratazione e la piena funzionalità

    Per mantenere la pelle giovane e sana, è importante garantire il giusto livello di acqua ai tessuti cutanei attraverso una corretta idratazione e detersione Il nostro corpo